If you are interested in having Fleur de Lis Events & Design provide any florals, decor, or additions for your event, please complete the decor worksheet below. The more information and inspiration you can provide, the more detailed and tailored your proposal will be for your event. Once submitted, our Design Team will begin crafting your proposal and email it to you as soon as possible, hopefully, within one week. Of course changes can be made to the proposal to make it fit with your plan and vision. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and if you have inspiration pictures to email please send them to

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Notes & Tips:


- Guest Count: List the number of guest you anticipate inviting to the event, we will then use the industry standard of 80% attendance rate to determine the anticipated guest count. The guest count will be finalized 30 days prior to the event and necessary adjustments can be made to the proposal.


- Color Palette: a standard color palette will include two to three standard colors PLUS one metallic color. Of course, as many colors can be used as desired.






- Personal Flowers: A picture is really better than words. Don't fret if you cannot describe what you are looking for. Just send us some inspiration pictures or include a link to you Pinterest page below.


- Corsages: Most Clients choose wrist corsages. Our corsages are typically created on a rhinestone wristlet and are kept small to be more of a jewelry accent for the wearer.

No 1980's full-arm, prom corsages here!































- Cocktail Tables: These tables are 42" tall and 30" round. We typically recommend a mix of standing cocktail tables and a few seated tables at the cocktail hour to accommodate the guests' needs.


- Bar: Standard bars are created with the  6' rectangular tables. Bar Fronts are a great additional that not only elevates the height of the bar, but also the overall look and feel. Bar Fronts are approximately 42" tall and 6' long.







 -Assigned Tables: We will always prefer assigned tables for a few of reasons 1) You know exactly who is coming; therefore, you are only paying for linens and centerpiece for what is needed, you are also only paying for caterer and bar service for the true guest count; 2) Your guest have a place go - remember the first day of high school in the cafeteria - the guests can always move around after dinner; 3) It is not as difficult as you think to separate guests - as the RSVPs arrive, group the guest by relation (his family, her family, work friends, etc.), then divide in groups of 8 to 10 then you are ready to assign tables.


- Centerpieces: We typically will recommend three different types of centerpieces 1) a tall centerpiece on 20% of the tables to fill air space and draw your eye up; 2) a medium centerpiece on 30% of the tables to provide a transition to; 3) a low centerpiece on 50% of tables. With all centerpieces we aim to keep 12" to 24" from the table a open as possible to not obstruct views. This mix of centerpieces will create a wow factor, keep guest looking around, and fill the space without busting the budget.


- Lighting: This is key. Up lighting provides a wash of colored light throughout the room and is typically placed around the perimeter. Pin spotting is used to highlight elements of the event such as large centerpieces and cake so that the overall lighting can be dim and moody.


This is the most important section because it keeps us in check. We can create proposal in just about any range. Knowing your budget will allow us to tailor your proposal and present something that is not to far out of reach. We would hate to send you a proposal that you LOVE, but it is not obtainable in you budget. Please know that the initial proposal is typically over budget as it will include everything requested plus a few other items to provide a full and complete event. But don't worry, you can pick and choose from the proposal and changes can be made to zero in on the budget. The budget section is required to submit the worksheet and if you don't have an exact budget - put a range or a number you are comfortable spending.


If you are wanting a quote for personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages), please fill in the quantities of each:

To the best of your ability, describe your vision for the listed items. Include things such as color, size, shape, flowers you like and dislike. If you don't know, email us an inspiration picture of something you like or include a link to your Pinterest page at the end of the worksheet.


Our Design Team can take care of any decor elements you may need. Below are categories to help guide our design process, fill in what you want with as little or as much detail as you can. We will use our judgment to create a cohesive design, where each element is individually priced so you can pick and choose what is best for you.


Let us know if you are planning on have a separate area for cocktail hour at the reception location or if guest will be going right in to the reception. Please be sure to include the reception location below.


Now on to the reception. This is the most detailed section, so don't be overwhelmed. It's okay if you cannot answer every question, but giving us as much detail as possible will help us create your vision the best we can. This section will also include questions that will help us to create a floor plan, so there will be a few question peppered throughout that will help us determine the best layout for the reception.

* Denotes REQUIRED Field.  Once clicking "Submit" if you do not see "Form Received," a required field is not filled.

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